dedoded Brand Agency Zürich

Brand Magic

What makes brands resonant and meaningful.

We use the MarkenSprint® matrix developed by the International Brand Specialist Thomas Zerlauth to guide you through a fascinating process that will impressively show you the potential of your brand.

Our clients want to understand what a brand is. Not in the form of complicated diagrams that have nothing to do with the reality of the company. Rather, they want to experience for themselves and directly what the term brand actually means and why brands must appeal not to the intellect but to the subconscious.

In general, brands are to be understood as a Second Reality built around a real existing object, all the levels, signals and codes that implicitly and resonantly make this subjective reality resound in the counterpart and the transformative potential hidden in them – i.e. the consumer’s response based on a relationship.

„In hundreds of brand workshops, I have repeatedly found that most entrepreneurs think far too explicitly and forget that brands are understood implicitly in particular – that is, in the sense of an unconscious decoding process.“

Thomas Zerlauth
International Brand Strategist
Author BrandMagic and BrandSprint