Brands have a magic

that you can't escape

Magic is a very essential component in the development of brands, both in terms of content and, above all, dramaturgy. Magic enables actions and events that would not be possible rationally. People can mysteriously penetrate space and time, experience transformations or experience things that far exceed the "rational properties" of a product. It can be used as an artifice to make stories exciting or to overcome exhausting leaps of thought. Magic circumnavigates logic and the rational mind effortlessly and elegantly.

Brands have magical powers

They have the ability to transform their consumers or remind them of certain potentials and inherent worlds. Every single brand does this in a unique and very specific way. And the more pronounced these powers are, the more valuable and powerful that brand is.
We should hand over to evaluating brands on the basis of their transformative powers – from this perspective, the sometimes irrational stock market valuations of many a company then make much more sense.
What a brand is and what distinguishes it in its essence is best experienced by oneself and within oneself. Also as an embodied experience. By surrendering to the magic of this experience and consciously paying attention to what exactly it does to us, what images it evokes in us, what emotions and feelings it triggers and what mental or physical drawers we reach into to attach meaning to what is offered.
We thus enter „the second reality“ that envelops the product and gives it its actual meaning and purpose. The product as „the first reality“ must first and foremost appeal to our ego consciousness and convince us of its value. It must signal its most important functions and also its primary purpose and correspond to the rational thinking part in us. At the same time, however, the product must also open up access to an invisible „second reality“ that appeals to and enchants us on an unconscious level. Many confuse these levels and, out of good habit, prefer to deal with the superficial.